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A Holistic Approach

Biological Lawn Care is a holistic approach combining the best of chemistry, physics, biology, and microbiology with sound soil management practices. It addresses and solves weed, disease and insect pest problems at their root causes rather than merely masking the symptoms with poisonous chemicals.

For many years, conventional agriculture has been treating symptoms like diseases, weeds, and insects. Meanwhile, organic practices treat the problem in the soil. Most organic lawn care companies fall short because they do not treat immediate symptoms. It can take more than three years to correct problems in the soil so that symptoms are no longer present.

Why Biological?

Biological Lawn Care treats the symptoms for immediate results while addressing the problem in the soil for long-term results. Biological programs do use chemicals when needed, however alterations can be made to those applications to lessen the negative environmental effects of the chemicals.

TDI developed bioGreen™ biological fertilizer specifically formulated and blended to enhance the biological activity at the soil level. We blend many different types of biological fertilizers to be applied to each individual grass type at specific times of the year. The goal, achieve the color and growth you expect while promoting optimum soil health, increase soil conductivity and have no harmful effects on beneficial soil organisms and microbes.

What this means to you our customer is that progressively less chemicals will be used on your landscape, your landscape will become less susceptible to weeds, insects, diseases and weather fluctuations (drought, extreme heat, etc.), and you can rest assured that your landscape will be both healthy and safe for your family, pets, and the environment.

Principles of Biological Lawn & Ornamental Care

Microbial Soil Inoculants powered by:

Mirimichi is a highly-concentrated microbial solution produced with beneficial microbes and fungi.

Mirimichi Provides:

  • Foliar & Soil Organic Nutrients
  • Chelated Micronutrients
  • Nutrients in Biologically Available Form for Plant & Microbial Uptake
  • Competes with Harmful Microbes
  • Degrades Toxic Pesticides
  • Produces Plant Growth Hormones
  • Mineralizes Available Nutrients
  • Fixes Nitrogen
  • Beneficial Microbes Displace Pathogens on Plant Surfaces

TDI Biological Services offers microbial soil inoculation treatments that also include mycorrhizae fungi, which are fungi that colonize plant roots and aid in nutrient and water absorption.

Microbial Inoculation Treatments Help Balance The Soil Food Web

A Balanced Soil Food Web Will:

  • Suppress Harmful Microbes and Organisms
  • Improve the Nutritional Quality of Plants
  • Improve Soil Structure, Water Infiltration, Oxygen Diffusion and water-holding Capacity
  • Retain Nitrogen and other nutrients such as Calcium, Iron, Potassium and Phosphorus
  • Make nutrients available for Plant Growth at the Times and Rates Plants Require
  • Decompose Plant Residues
  • Rapidly Reduce Worker Exposure to Potentially Harmful Chemicals
  • Help Beneficial Microbes Displace Pathogens on Plant Surfaces

TDI uses only the finest products from our partners in biological agriculture:

Biologically focused Household Pest Control and Mosquito Control

TDI’s Pest Control also abides by the same biological approach as our lawn and ornamental care programs. Our selection of products and methods reflects this philosophy. Green pesticide technology has made great strides in the development of environmentally-friendly pesticides that achieve the same quality of insect control while replacing the environmental impact of conventional insecticides. We make every attempt to use the safest, most environmentally-friendly products without sacrificing quality or efficiency.

To learn more about TDI Biological Services, please contact us at info@tdi.services or (866)681-1125

Get the lawn you’ve always wanted, the biological way.

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