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About Us

You will have to look long and hard to find a company like TDI. Previously known as Turf Doctor, Kevin Bryant set out on an adventure in 1994 to start a company that did what no one else would. His approach was simple. Design lawn programs to manage the microorganism component of the soil in order to promote and sustain the health and well-being of the turf and ornamentals that are grown in that soil. He placed such a great importance on microbiology because without an understanding of this science, no sustainable management strategy could truly be formulated.

After hundreds of soil samples and tests, Bryant found the perfect formula for success. The answer was quite simple, Biological Lawn Care. It is a holistic approach combining the best of chemistry, physics, biology and microbiology with sound soil management practices. It addresses and solves weed, disease and insect pest problems at their root causes rather than merely masking the symptoms with poisonous chemicals.

Fast forward twenty years. Bryant along with his team of knowledgeable employees have grown to be leaders in their industry. Not only for the most modern and reliable products and techniques they use daily but also for their safe, conscientious, and educated specialists.

TDI is a family of valuable, licensed and certified specialists with one goal in mind: providing the highest level of customer service in the industry. We guarantee it!

Our Mission

At TDI, we pride ourselves in working as hard as possible to ensure our customers are pleased with their services and overall experience. We guarantee it!