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Cool Season Grass

TDI’s Annual Cool Season Turf Program is founded on our biological philosophy of creating a hospitable soil environment in which turf will thrive.

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The Cool Season Challenge

Fescue turf presents a challenge due to the fact that it is a cool season grass that tends to suffer in the hot and dry summer season. Northern Alabama lies in the transition zone in which fescue turf normally looks and grows best from September through June.

We highly recommend aeration and overseeding of all fescue lawns each year to maintain the health and appearance of the lawn and help the turf rebound from the effects of summer heat and drought.

Cool Season Turf Annual Program

The Cool Season Turf Annual Program includes applications of biological fertilizer, liquid pre-emergent and soil amendments at the proper time and interval. Broadleaf weed control is also included throughout the entire program.

Our program consists of 8 applications spaced 4-6 weeks apart. This program includes free service calls for any concerns and treatment of difficult weeds like Wild Onions and Dallisgrass at no additional charge.

Each lawn has its own specific needs, and no two lawns are identical. TDI partners with each customer to ensure that your lawn is reaching its full potential and that our program is achieving the results you desire.

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