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Ornamental tree and shrub landscapes are a substantial investment for a homeowner, and our program will help protect and grow that investment with each passing year.

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Tree & Shrub Care

TDI’s Tree and Shrub Annual Program follows the same biological guidelines as our lawn care programs, and works to promote the overall health and nutrition of your landscape.

This biological approach is focused on elevating the health of your trees and shrubs, which increases their ability to ward off insects and disease naturally.

Proper feeding of your ornamentals offers many benefits:

Our Tree and Shrub Annual Program provides protection from existing insects and disease by utilizing the most advanced insecticides and fungicides to treat existing problems and ensure an ongoing defense against future problems.

The TDI staff is well-educated and knowledgeable in ornamental care. We partner with the customer to assess the general health of your landscape and formulate a strategy to maximize its potential.

  • Improved Flowering
  • Increased Resistance to Disease
  • Increased Resistance to Insects
  • Compensate for Poor Soil

Free Service Calls

Full program customers will receive free service calls if needed between applications.

Mother Nature will intervene when she wants to and, even with our applications, plant loss could still happen—but we will do everything we can to keep your landscape healthy and looking beautiful! If you notice any problems in between your regularly scheduled applications, please let us know so that we may take action in a timely manner.

* Our program does not include treating very large mature trees (over 25 feet).

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