Weed of the Month — Wild Grape Hyacinth

​Wild Hyacinth is a winter perennial turf weed that is actually a flower in the Lilly family and is often confused with onions. It grows from a bulb that emerges when the conditions for growth become suitable. Since it grows from a bulb and not a seed, Pre-emergent weed controls will not stop them. Treating them after they emerge is the only option. Each of the little bulbs can detach from the mother bulb, grow big and strong, and eventually start producing it’s own little family of bulbs. So the cycle continues. They get their name from their blossoms, their clustered blue-purple flowers look like miniature grapes. They can be a beautiful addition to any garden, adding spring interest and color.

If you are seeing weeds in your lawn contact TDI for a service call to have your technician come and resolve the weeds.