Weed of the Month — Spurge

There are many different varieties of spurge that can invade turf grasses in the southern US. Spurge is a summer annual broadleaf weed that spreads by seed and can form mats. It is an herb of the euphorbia family that is native to all of the contiguous United States, most Canadian provinces and much of Mexico. It forms a high mat usually an inch or two tall with a cluster of slender, much-branched stems originating from a single, also slender deep growing taproot. Its leaves are elliptical, paired along the stem and usually about one third of an inch long. Leaves may be green, gray green or maroon and are often marked with a maroon blotch. The stems and leaves exude a milky white latex when cut. If you are seeing spurge in your lawn call TDI for a free service call to have your technician come and resolve the weeds.

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