Weed of the Month – Fireweed

Fireweed is a common, leafy, annual broadleaf weed that germinates after April 1 across the Southeast. It grows quickly and can appear in massive amounts that seem to take over the lawn. Fireweed spreads through seeds carried from lawn to lawn by wind, rain, shared mowers, etc. Even if you didn’t see any Fireweed in your entire neighborhood last season, if the wind blew just right, you may have a healthy harvest this year. This weed grows from the thatch layer in warm-season lawns and is able to live above the previously established pre-emergent barrier in your turf rendering pre-emergents powerless over this pesky weed. Since Fireweed can’t root properly into the soil, regular mowing and increasing seasonal heat will cause it to dry up and prevent it from taking over a lawn. In the end, this weed is a seasonal nuisance that won’t have a lasting presence in your lawn.  If you have fireweed in your lawn call TDI for a free service call to have your technician come and resolve the weeds.

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