Lawn News! Changes to your lawn program

We spend extensive time planning and researching in order to provide a program that results in your lawn looking its best year-round.

This fall we will be adding a second round of specialty pre-emergent “SPECTICLE”, to combat the increasingly resistant winter

weed Poa-Annua. Poa Annua is a troublesome weed in turfgrass. Its invasive biology and acquired herbicide resistance create quite

a challenge for TDI by not only increasing our costs but requiring extensive adjustments and planning to stay ahead of the resistance.

Our programs are carefully curated and continue to be enhanced from decades of experience. With these changes it is now more important

than ever that you don’t miss a treatment. Even with this additional specialty treatment we have not increased prices on our customers in over

a decade and in this turbulent economy it is our mission to continue giving you the best results without raising prices.