Getting rid of Ant Hills in your lawn

Soil nesting ants construct mounds or small hills by bringing granulated soil to the surface from the nest below. Mounds may be unsightly, may cause lawn unevenness, and if large, may smother out the surrounding grass.

Anthills can be annoying, especially when trying to mow the lawn. They can also be a literal pain, depending on the kind of ants you have. Fire Ants are very common in the Huntsville and surrounding areas. Unfortunately, their presence can make parts of your yard a “no-go” area, especially if you have children or pets. Fortunately, ant nests are generally easy to locate, even if the kind of ants you are dealing with don’t build an above ground “hill.” Ants tend to move along trails, so you can follow them home and locate their hill or nest. Ant nest entrances are also surrounded by dirt and dust that the ants have thrown out of their subterranean homes.


Types of Ant Treatments Available

Treating for ants, especially Fire Ants, can be handled with two types of products — baits and repellants. Baits work well if you only have 1-2 mounds in the lawn. Baits are generally placed on and around the mound. As foragers go out to find food sources, they bring the bait back to the mound for consumption. Since baits attract ants to the potential food source, they are unaware of their impending doom. However, if the queen doesn’t feed on the bait, she will continue to produce more ants and may even relocate the colony. Liquid or granular repellants work great.

If you follow a few easy steps, you can successfully get rid of an infestation. Repellants kill and repel ants and other insects. However, if you apply the repellant only to the mound, you are alerting the queen and foragers that do not encounter the insecticide that they need to leave the area. They usually only move the mound a few yards away and start another colony.

To achieve total control of the ant population on you property, you must treat the entire lawn, as well as the mound, with an insecticide repellant. And, don’t forget the flower beds or gardens as any areas left untreated are where the surviving ants will be going. Now your neighbor’s lawn or outlying parts of your property, will be the only refuge around the treatment area. If you believe that you have an ant infestation, ask one of our friendly professionals how TDI Lawn and Pest can get rid of anthills in your lawn, and receive a 90-day guarantee.